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You can now listen to weekly sermons on your computer or on your mp3 player.

To listen on your computer or mp3 player you will need to have mp3 software on your computer. You can download ITUNES for free and listen from your computer or from your ipod. There are many other free mp3 players and software for your computer to choose from. Feel free to do a google search for the one that best fits your needs.

Click on the date below to listen through your internet browser. If you want to download for listening later or on your mp3 player - right click on the link below and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As." Save it somewhere easy to remember (Desktop) and then you can import it into your mp3 player software like you would other music. You may have to dowload it and use one of the free mp3 player programs to listen on your computer also. If you are having trouble, call Nate and he can give you advice.

8-26-12 - "So You Are A Believer" - Pastor Bruce

9-2-12 - "Overcome Evil" - Pastor Bruce

9-9-12 - "Owe No One Anything" - Pastor Bruce

9-16-12 - "Weaker or Stronger" - Pastor Bruce

9-23-12 - "Be A Wise Builder" - Esther Brandt

9-30-12 - "Stand Firm In One Spirit" - Pastor Bruce

10-7-12 - "To Will And To Work" - Pastor Bruce

10-14-12 - "Cost" - Pastor Bruce

10-21-12 - "Again I Will Say Rejoice" - Pastor Bruce

10-28-12 - "Character of God's Witness" - Pastor Bruce

11-4-12 - "Character of God's Witness - Part 2" - Pastor Bruce

11-11-12 - "Uninformed or Comforted" - Pastor Bruce

11-18-12 - "Ready or Not" - Pastor Bruce

11-25-12 - "The Body of Christ" - Pastor Bruce

12-2-12 - "Hope, Start to Finish" - Pastor Bruce

12-9-12 - "Completion" - Pastor Bruce

12-16-12 - "Peace of God" - Pastor Bruce

12-23-12 - "God's Will" - Pastor Bruce

12-30-12 - "God's Chosen People" - Pastor Bruce

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